Image manipulation is a process of weaving fragments of stories into a new narrative devoid from its original context. In answering the brief, it is tempting to indulge in arbitrary manner in manipulating your images but considering the amount of time, perhaps it would be much worth a while to experiment in a thematic fashion with a good balance of manual dexterity and computer aided manipulation.
I started to answer the brief opposed with what it strongly encouraged, using computer. The portrait that I have chosen been pixel sorted by isolating a horizontal or vertical line of pixels in an image and sorting their positions based on any number of criterias. Kenya Hara once claimed that the computer is not a tool, but a material. So says John Maeda a professor at the MIT. And from the process of the computer, I learned to mimic its processes and used my hand. I moved further by mixing different portrait with different emotions just to see how far the visual would tease my sight. At the end of the day, human inconsistency and incompetency in precision unveil its beauty. The substantial tactile of the weaving received much more engaging comments than the pixel sorted that somehow have slowly turned into another visual cliche.

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