There is a significant debate around the demand of shift from the prevailing Anthropocene to a much more holistic and fair concept in describing our current epoch and the future where it is directed. While there are various theoretical ideas, contemporary concepts remain anthropocentric, including developing nature-based solutions as a new conceptual approach to human-ecological connections. Nature-based solutions should be an integrative reciprocal solution for human health and nature. Still, at the moment, it has been reduced and biased towards humans benefitting from the physiological restorative benefit of nature. 
This piece aims to explore a point of departure in designing a synergistic strategy to reconnect humans with “nature” on many layers, affective, emotional, through a more holistic green prescription, from a variety of perspectives: biological, ecological, and psychological towards the Symbiocene. We will then refer to ecopsychology tenets and Nature-based thinking to compare with the current practice of green prescription. From there, we will propose a more integrative approach aligned with Theodore Roszak vision, who coined the concept in investigating the relationship between planetary health and human well-being. These arguments will be interweaved with speculative fiction, TERRAware, a theoretical concept of future green prescription with the gist of ecopsychology, and more aligned with the Symbiocene. 

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